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Refrigeration is NOT required. Store at room temperature. Ultra LIQUID  is very darkish brown due to the humic mineral advanced that’s used to dissolve the zeolite into liquid kind, which additionally provide great benefits of their own; as this is a very rich formula, shake effectively before using every time! Ultra LIQUID ZEOLITE has NO taste, NO odor, and is VERY EASY to take. Just add to water (four ounces or extra) and drink. Do not put straight within the mouth.
In our industrialized world, heavy metals, toxins, and chemical substances are all over the place… in our water, food, and even the air we breathe. These heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals in our body could make us really feel tired, listless, and more prone to being sick. Start feeling nice once more with LIQUID ZEOLITE, one of the best liquid zeolite formulation on the market today! LIQUID ZEOLITE is a natural, quick-performing detoxifier. It selectively and irreversibly binds and removes mercury, poisonous heavy metals, chemical compounds, pesticides, free radicals and more without eradicating useful minerals.

The humic mineral answer delivers the zeolite on to the intracellular fluid. There, the humic minerals additional act to chelate the heavy metals out of the cells so that they can be absorbed by the zeolite and carried out of your physique. And lastly, humic acid comprises the entire minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids that your cells require for optimum functioning. So crucial factor so that you can know in case you wish to detoxify with zeolite is that you could select a humic zeolite kind of product. Whether you go together with our Ultra Liquid Zeolite or another humic zeolite, the chelating factor and carrier company of the humic acid is crucial to success with zeolite supplementation.

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It isn’t genuine LIQUID ZEOLITE except it says LIQUID ZEOLITE on the bottle! Our product OUTPERFORMS all competitor manufacturers & copycat formulation. Only purchase from the original Zeolite Company in business since 2000. We have more optimistic feedbacks & testimonials than all different liquid zeolite products mixed! Our Liquid Zeolite works the best. See for your self!