WHO says new corona virus could spread in China, warning hospitals around the world

Geneva: In China, a new corona virus could be transmitted from family to human in families, and it is possible to cause widespread outbreaks, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.

Corona virus is a very large family of viruses that can cause infections from the common cold to cirrhosis. A Chinese woman has been imprisoned in Thailand under mysterious pressure from the Corona virus, Thai officials said Monday, the first time the virus was detected outside China.

41 cases of pneumonia have been reported in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, preliminary lab tests have been cited by state media, suggesting that it could be caused by a new type of corona virus, and one patient has died. ۔ Wuhan Department of Health officials said Tuesday that no new incident or death has occurred since then.

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Maria Van Kerkhov said, "From the information we have, it is possible that there may be limited transmission of humans from humans to humans, but it is quite clear right now that we have not moved from human to human. " Acting Head of the WHO's Emerging Diseases Unit.

However, he told Geneva in a news briefing that the WHO, however, was preparing for the possibility that it could spread widespread. "It's just early days, we have no clear medical picture."

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