Traditional massage from worldwide holistic massage, relaxing massage

Amazing treatments that will unblock you will release your body and settle the mind and soul.

Different massage you can do is: Aromatherapy, relaxing massage, crystal therapy, bioenergy, sports massage, heath resources, unique facials, deep tissue, massage aesthetic, holistic massage, Swedish massage, lomi lomi massage.
For women and men unique treatments.

* Ancient Greek Holistic Massage (The Massage King with many techniques from other cultures. It will amaze you !!). One and a half hour. € 50
* Muscle relaxant Massage Full BodyDeep Tissue-Argon Massage that reaches the tissue depth. (1 hour massage € 30)
* Sports-Massage Swedish Massage (1 hour massage € 30)
* Massage with pomade-Keraloifes, clay, chocolate therapy, honey. (One and a half hour massage € 40)
* Royal Massage (View Vassilika VIP massage). (Two hours 60 € included chrysotherapeia)
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage -The Temple. An amazing experience at the best market price. (1 hour massage € 30)
* Massage & Aromatherapy. (1 hour massage € 30)
* Bioenergy-Heath. (1 hour massage € 30)
* Krystallotherapeia.I wisdom of ancient Greece part of holistic massage. (1 hour massage € 30)
* Presses (Massage Epirus and surprise ancient Greek massage today is well known in India)&     Massage for Athletes. You will sculpt your muscles. (1 hour massage € 30)
* Treatments Prosopou.Ananeotheite !!! (Many programs of € 15)

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