The doctor spends an average of 16 minutes on the computer for each patient

Studies of US patients show that for each patient's doctors, doctors spent about 16 16 minutes using electronic health records.

Researchers examined nearly 100 million patient encounters with approximately 155,000 physicians from 417 health systems. In 2018, he collected stroke, mouse click and second-time data for everyone who worked on various tasks throughout Electronic Health Records (EHR).

In all specialties, clinicians spent most of the time reviewing charts in the EHR, which accounted for approximately 33% of total time using the record and an average of 5 minutes and 22 seconds per patient. They spend about 24 E EHR time on documents, average 3 minutes and 51 seconds per patient, and order things like lab tests 17% of EHR time, on average 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

Co-author of the study, Dr. J. Mark Overhage, who used to be the developer of EHR, co-author of the study working for Surner Corporation, said: "Chart reviewing, documentation, ordering, etc. Reading. Is also a Suriner Shareholder.

"EHRs have made some of this work much easier."

The use of computers is faster and more complete than the old paper-based system, Overge said. One of the widespread implementation of EHR was to improve chart review, as more competitive charts and more complete chart reviews by clinicians are associated with better results.

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