Steam Mops vs. Carpet Cleaners for Cleaning

Do steam mops clean carpets too? Yes they do but they don’t deep clean like carpet cleaners do. Here is what steam mop will do to your carpets. With the aid of a carpet glider, a steam mop will eject hot water vapour into the fibre of your carpets to refresh them. This alone is sufficient to remove surface stains and smudges. The hot steam will also kill 99% of all germs and bacteria on your carpets. However even the best steam mop has no ability to clean at the root of the carpet unlike carpet cleaners. Most dirt and grime is usually etched at the root of the carpet fibre and if it is not dealt with, your carpet’s life will be shortened.

best steamWhat about Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet cleaners are designed to wash carpets. They typically come with two tanks, one for clean water and the other for dirty water. The clean water is mixed with carpet cleaning solution to clean carpets. Modern carpets with the patented dual v technology have special brushes that spin and scrub the root of the carpet to remove all hidden dirt at the root of the carpet. For complete deep cleaning of carpets, you are better off going for best carpet cleaners as opposed to steam cleaners. However both carpet cleaners and steam mops have their own advantages

Advantages of Using Steam Cleaners to Clean Carpets.

  • Steam cleaners are light and easy to manuevre compared to carpet cleaners which tend to bulky.
  • Steam cleaners can be used for spot cleaning unlike most carpet cleaners . However some carpet cleaners have a wand that can be used for spot cleaning, but these tend to be the pricey high end cleaners.
  • Steam mops are relatively cheaper in price compared to carpet cleaners.

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