Roomba’s robot vacuum could grow arms in the near future

Aerobot, the maker of the famous robot vacuum rumba, says it is working on a version of the domestic helper in the form of a disc that has a weapon. One such member of the company Rumba. Version that can help with more complex tasks such as laundry, dishwashing and meal service.

Massachusetts-based company CEO Colin Engel revealed these plans to the Bloomberg during a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Engel said that Aerobot would not want to sell Rumba for another five years, but noted that a prototype version was being worked on in his lab.

Arms can be scary, but Engel told Bloomberg that the company has experience in the area:

IRobot previously developed robotic arm technology for its military units. The company sold the business in 2016 but retains its arm assets. Engel said that at the time, the company didn't know how to adopt the technology for mainstream use, but new advances in computer vision and the ability of robots to map a person's home to such devices Makes it possible.

Some hobbyists aren't waiting for IRobot to make it a more capable version of Rumba. YouTuber and engineer Peter Sripole have recently added a trio of fans cut into a cheap robot vacuum, enabling it to fly up the stairs – but also primarily because of space itself. Is also eliminated.

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