Real-world photos confirm Samsung’s next flagship phone is called the Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S11 won't be. Instead, Samsung is jumping ahead on the S20. There have been rumors about a branding change in recent weeks, and today XDA developers have published the first real-world shots of the Galaxy S20 Plus.

The phone's start screen confirms the new name. It may be that Samsung is still doing the name of the year. And we also see that the front of the device has a center-hole cut-out, similar to the selfie shooter from the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung has significantly removed the curved aspects of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, in which XDA sources say the S20 Plus feels largely flat in the hand.

On the back side, we get a look at Samsung's larger camera edge for the S20 Plus, which is rumored to consist of a new, fourth option as a regular wide lens, an ultra-wide, portrait and macro lens. The back is one of the more optimistic, optimistic privacy stickers I've seen before: it really just says "Don't leak information." There is more to it.

Samsung will unveil a full line of Galaxy S20 devices in its unpacked program on February 11, including several screen sizes and some 5G touch models. The company's next foldable phone, also known as the Galaxy Bloom, is expected for the first time next month.

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