People who work closer to home have this health benefit!

A Swedish study found that people who are experiencing long-term travel are more likely to have sleep problems and sleepless lifestyles that work closer to home.

Among those working more than 40 hours a week, traveling more than half an hour each day to work on a normal day was a 25% higher risk of passive lifestyle and 16% higher risk of sleep problems. General Chat Chat Lounge

Jana Hallonin, lead study author at Stockholm University and the Finnish Institute for Health and Wellness in Helsinki, said, "Sleep problems can be caused by stress-free activities and lack of time for relaxation.

Hallon said via email, "People may also find it hard to stay physically active after a long work day and travel.

Most adults' daily schedules are determined by their work routines, including how much time they spend getting in and out of their jobs, Hallon and colleagues noted in occupational and environmental medicine. Although long hours have been linked to unhealthy behaviors such as unhealthy behaviors, smoking and poor eating habits, little is known about the combined effect of overwork and time-lapse travel. Is.

For the current study, researchers surveyed 22,000 working-age people at least twice between 2008 and 2018, regarding their work and travel times, and also reported that How much alcohol, smoking, exercise and sleep. They also asked about the height and weight of the participants in determining body mass index (BMI).

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