Passing The Brand New Pay Per Click Exams

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Google’s AdWords exam certification has altered a great deal over the past few years. You have to pass through two exams to become qualified.

You have to complete google adwords certification course and among the three advanced exams. The introduction to the exams is really as follows

Exam Quantity of questions / Time Period Limit (mins) / Passing Score

Google Advertising Fundamentals: 120 / 120 / 85%

Search Advertising Advanced Exam: 120 / 120 / 80%

Banner Advertising Advanced Exam: 110 / 120 / 70%

Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam: 100 / 120 / 75%

Studying for that exams

It is crucial that you simply study correctly when considering from the exams. These exams aren’t a stroll-through so please make sure you prepare adequately. I’ve discovered the next sources be a tremendous help in studying for that exams.

google adwords certification 2

Adwords Certification Learning Center

A great resource and many the data you’ll need are available here. It’s damaged lower into four sections one for every exam. You may also print from the entire study guide so that you can study offline. There are several test questions about a few of the study material but please be aware that these questions are extremely simple and easy , a bad representation of the particular questions within the exam.

AdWords Help Forum

An execllent resource may be the AdWords help forum. The forums are filled with Pay Per Click users asking a variety of questions covering all topics associated with Pay Per Click. The forum provides extensive good contributors most of which are actual Google employees. It may be beneficial to undergo the different topics and questions from which you’ll become familiar with a lot.

Two other great forums (which aren’t linked to Google) are

Website owner World and Digital Point


Here you can purchase practice questions for each one of the four AdWords exams. You may also download a totally free trial version for every practice exam.

Pay Per Click Account

If you can get a Pay Per Click account make certain you utilize it! Practice all you learn and understand where things are located. For instance know what to do if you want to produce a report, pause an offer, add keywords to some group, look into the quality score of the keyword and employ the keyword tool. You’ll be requested about these within the exam.

Using The Exam

To begin you have to on line around the Google Certification Program site. After that one can learn for the exams, edit your profile, track how well you’re progressing and enroll in a company should you so wish. When you’re prepared to do your test you can buy the tests in the Google start test website.

Each test costs $50 and when you fail you’ll have to pay again. Please be aware you’ll need your candidate ID to join up for exams. Your candidate ID are available out of your profile around the Google Certification Program website. A “testing center browser” can be used when doing the exams.

Therefore it may be unable to access every other browsers or applications when doing your exams. Also you won’t be in a position to pause the exam once it begins so make certain you’re well rested and also have used the restroom prior to starting test.