Ottawa Hair Stylist – How to Find the Best One

Are you looking for an Ottawa hairstylist?  Then you will want to find the best one.  Your hairstylist should have the following traits if you want to have the best haircut and style that you can get.

ottawa hairstylistA Good Listener

Going to the best hairstylist is like going to a therapist.  Part of their job is TO listen to their client, not just what the client wants their hair to look like, but what is going on in their life.


You want a hairstylist that is going to be honest about how your haircut will look.  You want them to also be honest about what they can and can’t do with your hair.

Open To More Education

The best hairstylists take every opportunity to learn.  They attend continued education and refresher courses.  Ask your stylist when the last time they took a class was.

Technically Proficient

You want a hairstylist that has the technical skill to cut your hair.  All of the education and listening in the world does not ensure that someone is skilled at styling hair.  Watch them as they work on someone else’s hair or ask them for a resume.


Sometimes we change what we want at the last moment or we decide as we are getting our hair cut that it isn’t exactly what we wanted. The best hairstylists can work with this and adapt, even after they have started cutting.


While a good hairstylist will deliver you the haircut you want, the best hairstylist will do it in their own way.  They will take a 2D picture OR THE VERBAL INFORMATION YOU PROVIDED and TURN IT into the hairstyle that you want.

Ready to Offer References or Samples

Thebest hairstylists will have references and/or samples to offer potential clients.  They know you want to be assured that you will get the hairstyle you want and not waste your money.

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