Open Houses, the best places to enjoy Malaysian cuisine in Kuala Lumpur

Standing on the lush shadows of the Astana Niagara (the official palace of the current king of Malaysia, Yang Di Pertuan Agong), I dig into a piece of chicken sauce. A juicy, soft part of the meat, perfectly spiced and squeezed into a whole peanut sauce, it instantly dissolves on my tongue, adding a lot of flavor to my palate. I have been bothered by cooking a few feet away from the smell of some rendering and will soon go over it to check it out. No, this is not one of Kuala Lumpur's famous street food markets, but rather an open house where people from all walks of life gather, share food and enjoy the festivities.

These open houses are an integral part of Malaysian culture where different communities share food together under one roof. Since Malaysia is a diverse community comprised of Muslims and even some Hindu and Christian minorities, these open houses help bring together and cheer the people of all these communities. Our guide, Espaliza, tells us about our childhood memories as we board the bus to our destination. "Food and festivals are two things that Malaysia loves a lot".

So much so that most of them visit their homes each time around the festive season. Spiliza left for her home (just as most Malaysians are known for this mass exodus), at least 3 days with the help of her mother and grandmother to assist in the preparation of the Divine Smugglesword. Are beating the craziest on the way. Dishes: R-Rending, Rice, Sata and many other dishes for people coming to the Open House to enjoy and enjoy.

Although the Open House was a traditionally rural concept that was held on a small scale, today there are very large versions of them in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, some of whom are even Prime Minister and King. This magnificent exhibition not only showcases the hospitality of Malaysians but also their culinary potential. Although Eid is an important festival when it is open house, it has easily reached Diwali, Chinese New Year and even Christmas. It also helps promote open house tourism, as it opens up local residences for tourists so they can get a unique experience.

Now we see why Malaysian cuisine is popular around the world. Sitting at the crossroads of an important trade route, Malaysia is populated by immigrants from China, India and the Middle East. As their cultures became interconnected, so did their skills and tastes, which created the perfect dish. Since most of the immigrants worked all day, they ate outside the small streetside restaurants. Today it is typed in memes, restaurants that are open all day and offer a strong mix of flavors. We go to a country where we dig some local gurus on offer.

Although the menu is extensive and covers more than 300 dishes, the best way to order is to review the surroundings. The restaurant is a visual treat as hundreds of carriers lie behind glass counters. There is also an oven and grill for all kinds of meat to take out bread and kebabs. Around me, people of different ethnicities have been sitting with their peers and colleagues in noodles, rice and some other platforms for years.

At restaurants, your neighborhood grocery stores also double through cigarettes, candy and some other goodies. We order some gourmet paprika seafood, a bowl meal served with chicken and seafood on top of rice and spiced Indonesian salad. On the other hand, the bread is a spicy mutton salad in canned kerry, which has a folk multi-layer multilayer style parrotta. We end our farm with some shoddy ki hut (rice coconut stuffed rice).

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