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Online-store business on the web

Create online store, advertising and products that a company can be displayed and client cards or pay by credit card, then the search and selection of requests for purchase.should be agreed in time, send the product to the customer.
The benefits of creating online store for retailers
Having seen over the Iranian and regional trade
Having so many visitors (Companies, organizations, institutions, businesses, professionals, students and … (


Unlimited breadth of online stores

In traditional stores because of lack of space, allow you to keep all products based on variety, size, composition, and so the problem is completely solved in the online shop due to space constraints, the seller can cart your products

No time limit

Reduce technology costs and earnings side More
Direct sales of products to customers in the online store costs such as commissions, capital and other charges decreased sleep and thus more profit is accrued seller.

Online payment

Online payment is to pay by credit card or payment, deducted from the deposit to the account of the buyer and the seller. All of the above can be done online.
Of what way can your customers satisfied?
Seller can allocate a tiny fraction of the profit on each sale online, thus reducing their product prices to attract more customers.

for the customer.

The benefits of online shopping from online stores for buyers
Trafyknbvdn of dealing with air pollution
No need to go into the traffic plan
Find goods at lower prices than traditional stores
The ability to compare prices and specifications of goods in less time
Online shopping facilities in comfort as possible to buy at any hour of the day
Not difficult to transport goods purchased
Delivery of goods purchased home
Insurance of purchased goods
The benefits of creating online store for retailers
Solve the transport problem
Now (VTE) is negotiating with mail, courier, fleet, E-193 and several private transport firms, in order to transfer the shipment to them. In this way, soon it will be possible to transport company under contract with (VTE), traditional goods from the store or warehouse and delivery to the customer.


Based on the ongoing negotiations with several insurance companies, all goods sold through the online store, will be covered by insurance for any damage seller and the buyer is not found.
The possibility of installment sales cosmetics store or appliance store
It should be noted in this case that the site is mediated in talks with Iran to resolve the biggest seller of the sale of installment sales problems such as difficulty paying installments, the installment, guarantee and more.

The advantages of e-commerce and national competition.

Appropriate background information and communication The possibility that in the real world, a lot of commercial value, but without spending too much money and time will not come. The value of e-commerce which can make contact with everyone who is required to complete a business process to be contacted in the shortest time via e-mail, chat and other methods are possible.

Elimination of intermediaries

Removed through one of the most valuable achievements of e-commerce to reduce prices of goods and services in the world is unprecedented. According to estimates done, remove the intermediaries and direct communication between buyers and sellers between 15 to 50 percent decrease in prices of commodities and services for customers.more bargaining power sellers have to earn points and benefits. Whereas in the real world due to the constraints of geographical distance, so customers do not have a choice. Of course, this structure also has benefits for producers and great rates. Including the ability to offer and sell products to people all over the world have been reported. In fact, e-commerce, globalization enables manufacturers to produce low cost (compared to what is obtained against) the catalog.

Customize products and strong support services

For example, we can ask when you visit your company site Dell computer with the same characteristics that we want, we purchase order. In this process procedure in order to accept Dell wanted to be the first choice, and is offering the customer. According to the company’s customer offer facilities then examined and finally accept or reject it. If the request is accepted, the next steps and receive the order and confirm the amount of shipping and cargo tracking in a manner different sent by the sending e-mail to do so. In turn, the customer can receive and low-cost communication with their customers and strong support encourages people to buy from the internet. In the early years promoting the sale of goods electronically, use this method only for small commodity and inexpensive, such as watches, dolls, books, clothing was used but now is the increasing growth of e-commerce, large industries such as machine building industry to this method have. For example, Ford can visit the website for your application or accessories to customize the color selections.

The emergence of new economic institutions and global competition

One of the consequences of e-commerce is creating new economic institutions that compete and in some cases overtaking veteran’s companies. In some cases, businesses have been able to create new virtual balls policies applied in the new market competition from traditional competitors and to market different products they take. Examples BarnesNoble competition between institutions and companies to buy and sell Amazon books or other items such as Dell in computers and etoys noted in toys.

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