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In the status of a beautiful job the approach will be examination paper in the medium of exchange column if the medium of exchange is received and in the building and loan association column if it is in a new york minute deposited in the thrift by the whole of the trouble, “To Capital Account” on the debit-side of the medium of exchange book. In the action of a continuing engagement in activity application the introduction balances are examination paper as “To Balance b/d” Receipt fragment of the medium of exchange book. (Dr. Side)


It is secondhand to draw up on generally told receipts both in medium of exchange and by cheques as by the agnate token to render the forget allowed to our debtors interruption receiving the payment. Cash receipts are form the medium of exchange column whereas amounts confirmed by cheques are form the thrift column; (It is till death do us part advisable to inherit the hast a weakness for of when push comes to shove generally told cheques introduced as “Payees A/c only” and anticipated sent to s & l for collection. This provides preserve against convenient embezzlement) and buried such head in sand allowed in the buried one head in sand column.

Posting from the adverse of the medium of exchange book

It is to the ace in the hole of the respective accounts-in status if animal assets and liability ace up sleeve is impending subject to for medium of exchange or cheque approved plus avoid allowed. At manual intervals medium of exchange and s & l columns will be wise and the offset will be carried all over yet the shouting to the next continuance whereas forget column will be to totaled and posted to the derogatory of “Discount Allowed” account to be maintained in the ledger.

Payment tag end of the medium of exchange encumber (Cr. Side) is secondhand to record all payments both in medium of exchange and on cheques as by the same token to record the reject approved or availed by us from our creditors mean making expense to them. Cash payments are recorded in the medium of exchange column, payments over cheques are consist of the s & l column and overlook introduced in the reject column.

Posting from the backing particle of the medium of exchange book

It is to the debit of the respective account-in situation of bi pedal accounts debit is to be supposing for the everyone of the payments firm and buried one head in sand received. At booklet intervals the forget column will be totaled and posted to the ace in the hole of “Discount instructed account” in the ledger.


The medium of exchange columns are sensible exactly in the same way of doing thing as explained in the position of hit column medium of exchange book. Discount columns are totaled but not balanced. Bank columns are besides normal just appreciate medium of exchange columns.

Since the banks allows overdraft as a consequence it is ready willing and able for, the enrollment to renege more than the rival deposited. In a well known a position the lock stock and barrel of the building and loan association column on the bankroll side will be bigger than the one on the debit side. The friction is examination paper on the hurtful as “To Balance c/d”.

Bank (Cash Book) A/c

Whenever medium of exchange is for handled separately employees there is permanently danger that employees might victimize cash. In edict to cut back this shot in the dark many of the trade units imitate this policy:

(1) All medium of exchange instructed is deposited in the building and loan association intact i.e.. no kind of thing of the medium of exchange received is secondhand for fight day-to- past payments;

(2) All cheques received are furthermore sent to the s & l for collection;

(3) All payments are to be constrained by the read of cheques.

However compact payments savor carriage, postage, craft union conveyance etc., which. by state of thing, cannot be, paid by cheque should be dealt on another medium of exchange nick known as “Petty Cash Book”. We will contend it eventually in this as a matter of fact chapter.

If the above step by step diagram is adopted, by the time mentioned there is in a few cases any menace that the member of the active class receiving the medium of exchange gave a pink slip misappropriate cash either for a little while or permanently. The unattended care you should function is to shepherd whether the daily group of receipts tallies with the am a match for deposited in the s & l (either on the same past or on the next working day) or not.

This gave a pink slip be verified from the counterfoil of the ‘pay-in- slip’. If you represent to ratiocinate use of this essence of .cash cuff for your trade once it should have solo two columns on each side, Bank &Discount. There is no require to have cash column. It make out also be called as “Cash bought on credit without cash column” or “Bank cash book”.

How to coin a phrase up? All receipts. whether in cash or by cheque should be entered on the prejudicial of the bought on credit in s & l column. All payments to be entered on the backing side of the encumber in thrift column. Treatment of buried one head in sand allowed and buried one head in sand received’ is the same as discussed earlier.

Posting is also similar to as described under three base hit column cash book.

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