Obtaining Softer and Manageable Natural Curly Hair

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Description: The five step process and the natural hair products you can use to get softer and more manageable hair that is supper curly.

A friend of mine has been struggling with caring for her daughter’s super curly hair. She’s tied several different products but had little to no success in obtaining control of her kinky hair. She been reading blogs and watching videos and even asking strangers with similar type of hair what they were doing and which products they were using to control their beautiful curls. She has finally found some awesome products that help her to manage her daughter’s hair without the frustrations she experienced before. She no longer has to spend hours washing and conditioning and combing and styling. She has now developed a routine using a set list of products that allows her to comfortably manage her daughters beautiful curls. Here are the steps she follows and the products she uses; carol daughter hair products being one of the best-selling brands.

Natural Curly Hair

STEP 1: After undoing the old style, detangling each as section, she washes the hair with Mango & Carrot Kids Extra-Nourishing Shampoo by Shea Moisture, which gently cleanses and detangles hair. It also helps to nourish and strengthen hair, while protecting against breakage and it is Sulfate-free. The shampoo is applied by sectioning the hair so that it can be massaged through the hair from scalp to end before being rinsed thoroughly.

STEP 2: Once the shampoo is completely rinsed out, using the same sectioning of the hair, apply Carols Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie. This is a deep conditioner that is rich in essential oils, shea and cocoa butter and provides protection to dryness and brittleness. Leave it applied to the hair for up to 10 minutes so that it conditions and detangles the hair, then you can rinse it out thoroughly.

STEP 3: Absorb most of the water using a towel, then using the same sectioning technique, apply a leave in conditioner that helps detangle the hair. Or use CD4KIDS DETANGLER by Carol’s Daughter which has Vitamins C, B5 and E to condition, Soy Protein to help stop breakage and Sweet Almond Oil to add a boost of shine. Using this detangler will make styling hair a cinch as it will be easier to comb through those curls.

STEP 4: After detangling, you can begin to style the hair. Whether you are braiding or twisting, you should section the hair to prepare for the style you are doing to create. You should apply a little more Carols Daughter Leave-In Conditioner or Detangler to each section as you begin to comb through before braid or twist. Use a wide tooth comb first then a smaller tooth comb to ensure that all the knots are worked out.

STEP 5: Just before braiding a section of hair, apply a very small amount of Carol’s Daughter Marguerite’s Magic, this product will help to keep the hair super soft and conditioned for a few days. Once the braid or twist is completed, apply a little more to the ends of the hair to prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle (remember that the end of our hair is the oldest and therefore needs more attention).

You can touch up the edges and baby hair with some edge control, but she recommends Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Every day or so, you can spray some leave in conditioner or apply a moisturizer to the braid or twist to keep the hair looking moisturized and healthy. That is how you can manage curly hair on kids. Try it and I hope it works for you.