Not All Monoi oils are created Equal!

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Description: Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Repair and Restore is the gold standard for African American women looking for an all natural products hair product.

When it comes to beauty and general especially hair care, it can sometimes feel as if there’s no limit to how much a woman can spend. This is ever so much true for black women especially those with natural hair. The numbers are in, and they don’t lie black women spend half a trillion dollars to keep our weaves looking good, our hairstyles tight and our kitchens tamed. They are always looking for some miracle product that promises to give then longer, softer hair.

Before you spend any money on another hair product lets explores the mind-boggling business side of the black hair care industry, but also the psycho-social impacts behind spending goo-gobs of money on appearance in such a way. What a lot of women, in general, don’t understand is that only strong, healthy hair can grow into longer hair, so you’re free to wear any style.

Carol's Daughter products

It is for this reason that selecting the right product is extremely important. One perfect example is strand-strengthening Monoi oil from Carol’s Daughter. The strand-strengthening Monoi oil formula is nothing new it is an ancient recipe made from the rejuvenating Tahitian Tiare Gardenia flower and coprah coconut oil. Carol’s Daughter products are not only proven but also a must-have to help repair fine, delicate, or chemically-treated hair.

As island people, the Tahitians for more than twenty centuries have used Monoi oil and other natural remedies because of its natural properties to the only repair but also undo and prevent damage from the sun, sea, and surf.

There are several Monoi oil formulations in the market today, but only Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil is made using ingredients that only grow in Tahiti. The process consists of picking 15 Tiare gardenia flower blossoms and combining them with 15 ounces of organic Coprah coconut oil over a 15-day sacred ritual.

The results are incredible and account for up to 96% less breakage after only one use along with 13 times longer hair life after only one use. If you have used Monoi Oil, I the past of other brands you may find this results inflated and or bogus. However, they are not! Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil deeply nourishes your hair from root to tip, and quality ingredients like Bamboo water help to reinforce your hair’s structure as well as Hydrolyzed Silk, wich fortifies your hair against future damage. Something else that a lot of women don’t know about Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil is that it is made without parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or phthalates.

It is understandable that Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask is not the cure-all for damaged hair but with a chock full of proteins and rare nourishing oils it is a dream solution for dry, damaged hair. With Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil your hair will feel so great on the same days you use this mask. It will soften and smoothes without weighing down or being greasy. My hair is manageable, has a body, and shine.