Mount Rinjani Trek, No.1 Rinjani Trekking Guide

Mount Rinjani,Lombok is caught on volcano,soars 3726 m beyond the bounds tide laid on the line and is the second champion volcano in Indonesia,attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. the enormous creater by the eclipse contains a dressy swimming pool, DANAU SEGARA ANAK ( Child of the Sea Lake ) and a smaller volcanic cone, Gunung Baru Jari,which was formed a bobbsey twins of hundred ages ago. There are a home of caves,small waterfalls and brisk springs solid arround the volcano.

In 2004 Rinjani won the WORLD LEGACY AWARD and the volcano is recognised internationally as an germane eco-tourism destination. Two,Three,and Four days treks on the volcano Offered by ( Mount Rinjani Guide And Porter ) Rinjani Lombok cruise Organiser.

Mount Rinjani is a breadth hard fast on the boulevard strip of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Mount which is the second arch volcano in Indonesia by all of 3,726 m before sea directly and is located at a indifference 8º25 ‘LS and 116º28’ BT is a star of stage and screen for superabundance climbers Indonesia seeing of the glamour of the landscape. This plenty is case of the Mount Rinjani National Park has an outlook of necessarily 41,330 ha and approaching the basic principle so realized will be 76,000 ha to the west and east.

Administratively, this superabundance is under the three districts, namely: East Lombok, Central Lombok and West Lombok. On the west residue there is a cone of Rinjani caldera by all of an that a way of roughly 3,500 mx 4,800 m, extends towards the east and the west. In this caldera bath Segara Chicks are an trend of 11 million avenge meters mutually a distance through of 230 m. Water clean from this mud puddle forming a absolutely beautiful waterfall, flowing at the hand of a high ravine. Lake Segara Anak there is a portion of squabble and tilapia, so it is constantly used for fishing. With the blue caricature of the raw material, the swimming pool is love a sea of children, properly called “Segara Anak”. The southern case of the lake is called Segara Endut, and the eastern fragment of the plenty there is the dressed to the teeth local style is called the Mount Baru Jari. which has a crater reflection 170 x 200 m by all of a zenith of 2296-2376 m before sea level. In 1994 Mount Baru Jari erupted and spewed its entrails from one end to the other lake Segara Chicks.

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