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“MobileLand ™ is a vibrant e-commerce, profiled as European Mobile online wholesaler specializing in the authentic goods of superior quality. Business is constantly expanding its brands and products in order to able to better serve their customers. If you purchase any product in MobileLand ™, it can be sure that his decision to purchase will not be among those who will later regret.

MobileLand ™ is also a wholesaler, which aims to be the best online e-commerce platform specializing in mobile accessories of high quality, offering top-tier brands and products in the following carefully selected product categories: housing and cover for mobil phone, case and cover for phablet, case and cover for tablet, mobile holder and stand in the car or for mounting on a bicycle, accessories such as Bluetooth. multifunctional Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth hands-free, MP3 player, multifunction Bluetooth adapter, external and mobile nabíjačks powerbanks, self stick, data and sync cable, mlutifunkčný adapter and other accessories for mobile iphone, tablets and phablety.



Authentic, specialized mobile accessories renowned for their attention to detail, overall quality, quality materials and good packaging ensures an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction wholesale, as well as increasing brand loyalty offered. Of the large number of existing portfolio of mobile accessory products within the selected range of products, managers MobileLand ™ selected for you the best of the best. Thanks to the strict selection of products that provides business clients with a growing interest in goods it can be concluded that the phrase “I bought it in MobileLand” is for increasingly wider range of people in Slovakia and in Europe symbol satisfaction, quality and good prices.

MobileLand ™ constantly expanding its products and brands sold, to be able to better serve its customers. The mission of the trade is to provide excellent service to its clients with the fact that it offers an interesting selection of unique, quality products and brands that are hard to find or impossible to purchase elsewhere, cheaply or the lowest prices, with transport anywhere in Slovakia, in Europe, or to almost any part of the world.

In conclusion, a small summary. MobileLand ™ is an advanced kind of wholesale for Europe located in the capital and main-goods stock near Bratislava in Ivanka pri Danube. The shop offers certified, high quality and cheap car racks, brackets, covers and cases for mobile phones and tablets, Bluetooth 3.0 hands-free and wireless headphones, mp3 player in the car, powerbanky, cables and other accessories for your mobile pet. Ordering directly from the warehouse store – delivery form, you can choose as a personal collection or as a fast and cheap delivery throughout Slovakia. Only high quality items from trusted sources, no counterfeit. The store is the exclusive distributor of certain brands, ie. cheaper than MobileLand ™ selected goods in Slovakia can not buy. “

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