Mattress company Casper still trying to pivot to tech, still a mattress company

Caspar, a mattress company that surrounded the market on podcast ads and got into a skirmish a few years ago during an online mattress review, in the "unconventional" category, according to an attempt to go public. Trying to join, filed Friday, and you can now read in S-1 form. Caspar describes himself as a "pioneer of the sleep economy," which directly benefits consumers with advanced technology, data, and insights.

However, it is a mattress company. One that has 1.4 million subscribers, and had a net income of $ 358 million in 2018 with a net loss of 2018 92 million, but still only sells mattresses and goods that go to mattresses. The company has plans, though, according to the IPO:

Our offerings […] are increasingly focused on non-traditional categories, including products that promote the ideal environment for sleep, such as lighting, sound, perfume, temperature and humidity; sleep technology, such as tracking. Devices, medical machines, bedside watches and connected devices. Sleep enhancers, such as sprays, pills and vitamins. And sleep services, such as digital apps, meditation, sleep programming, and counseling.

Regardless of where the company says it is "fast-paced", Caspar's only tech product to date is its shining bed lamp.

Caspar also identified a niche in what he called the "sleeping arc", which sounds like … people are already doing it every night.

There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep, including light, sound, temperature and humidity, mattress and bedding, as well as bedtime and wake up rituals. The important thing is that we understand that sleep involves much more than the sleep process, and instead, involves a whole set of human behaviors that affect the quality of waking and sleeping during sleep. This is what we call the sleep arc.

In the IPO, the company also noted that it is different from its unusual competitors such as purple, toft and needle, and others because of its "gracious" experience. Caspar, too, like you, knows that he wants to be a "sleeper Nike," which means.

Caspar will list on the New York Stock Exchange under the CSPR's disappointing ticker symbol. Can we recommend "NAPS," "dose," "comfort," or just "ZZZZ"?

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