Is It Really Natural?

admin   December 21, 2016   Comments Off on Is It Really Natural?

Okay, but you must be wondering how this method can reverse baldness without drugs, without implants, without side effects, only in a natural way. And again the answer is: the food!

That’s right, food is not only able to gain weight, lose weight, do good for the skin, bones, nails, or just have the effect of making them look better. A correct diet is able to make you lose or not your hair.
What happens is that if you feed in a way that neutralizes DHT, your hair will NEVER fall. And the best, those who have already fallen, will grow again. This DHT is a steroid, it is primarily responsible for baldness.

That’s right, everything you’ve been told about genetics, age, stress, badly treated hair or any other of those causes that cause the fall is LIE!

The truth lies behind this steroid. And worst of all is that it, in addition to being responsible for hair loss, increases the chances of a man developing prostate cancer. This means that if you use this method that I used to recover my hair, in addition, you will also become healthier and decrease your chances of having prostate cancer. Check more info here : Programa de Reconstruço do Cabelo