How to earn views on Youtube


How to make YouTube views, many people want to increase YouTube views but not hedgerow how to do this, there are many ways to increase views, it’s difficult to find a safe way and that works without presenting any risk to your channel.

traffic visits

This is one of the safest and most efficient ways to generate views to your videos, you can buy traffic visits, but attention all visits must be 100% real, false coming from proxies visits not run your video can be banned and your channel can be penalized by Youtube.

If you want you can also buy views, there are companies and websites that sell this service, some sites sell very expensive this service but other sites already have a nice price and you can even resell and make money.

Is it safe to buy views?

It depends on the company or site, there is reliable sites that works with real views, but there is certainly sites that work with coming ghosts views programs, this can cause your video to be deleted and your channel penalized by YouTube, so very careful when to think about buying YouTube views.

This is one of the most trusted sites to buy views for YouTube, when thinking about buying views recommend passing through this site the prices are incredibly cheap you can even resell.

All views are secure and delivered fast you also has service via e-mail chat second Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 is fast service.

Winning views on Youtube

A great method to gain views on YouTube is spreading on Facebook Ads, honestly I think it’s better and cheaper to own Google Adwords also depends on your video if your video is something disobligingly good at something do recommend disclosure on Facebook.

Through Facebook you will be able to target your audience, so only those who really have interest in something they will see your video that is very good.



You also knew that gives ganhar visualizações no YouTube improving rank? That’s right a lot of people only think about generating more views directly to the video however does not think to optimize the video in search engines;

If you optimize your video to stay on the first page of Google when someone searches for it is really not very good?

That’s where the real secret is to have a successful channel on YouTube, and can optimize the video you can optimize your channel to receive more visits and consequently get more views on YouTube.

Thousands of people make thousands and millions of searches on Google imagine when people search for something and goes and aprece your video there on the first page of Google or YouTube position it is really fantastic, however many people believe that to Video gain positions on Google it needs to have many views it is totally wrong

The views serve yes for sure but not as much as the amount of link pointing to your video.

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