Ghana Life: Praying For Success

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In Ghana in the mid 1970s the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology could be viewed as world class, particularly in building where its courses and examinations were still remotely directed by the University of London and its degrees were as yet perceived by the British expert designing organizations. Intended for an understudy populace of two thousand, and with three hundred scholarly staff, the college still held the administrations of around fifty exile teachers and instructors on here and now contracts. Recently arrived remote scholastics were frequently shocked, in any case, to locate a couple of checked contrasts from the framework they knew in Britain or the USA: participation at addresses was necessary, and understudies assumed no other part in assessing their educators’ execution. A considerably more prominent amazement anticipated them as the ideal opportunity for yearly examinations drew closer: gatherings at houses of worship and churches swelled and casual petition gatherings multiplied all through the understudies’ corridors of living arrangement.

A senior speaker recently touched base from Britain was drawn nearer by one of his understudies and got some information about his religious association. ‘Why do you wish to know?’ asked the instructor, to some Pentecostal Church near me San Antonio TX┬ádegree startled by this individual inquiry. ‘A year ago I fizzled my examinations and needed to rehash the time of study,’ answered the understudy, ‘I should be following the wrong religion and need some guidance to help locate a superior one.’ The sincere young fellow was encouraged to think about hard and dedicate his opportunity to correction, yet he demanded that petition must assume a noteworthy part in his readiness for the examinations.

In the south of Ghana, the larger part of individuals are Christian as a matter of course and animist by sense. In many parts of the north, the default religion is Islam and the inclination to animism is fairly more grounded. As indicated by Birgit Meyer’s investigation of Christianity in South-East Ghana, announced in the Journal of Religion in Africa, the customary animist religions advance the across the board conviction that achievement in life is because of an agreement with the fallen angel. The individuals who accomplish extraordinary riches or political influence rapidly, are generally associated with utilizing mysterious powers. Many individuals believe that the effective dealer, government official or rich individual has been helped by dark enchantment, barbarianism or Satan. The mainstream press regularly reports witchcraft allegations and stories about Sika duro (cash medication) customs in which vampires suck the blood of guiltless relatives so as to get rich.

A college degree is viewed by the overall public as a most optimized plan of attack to wealth, with its chances to escape abroad to steady employments paid in hard monetary standards. Cash sent home by relatives to another country manages the previous white collar class. Understudies from all parts of the nation share the dread that their accomplishment in getting access to the college may open them to allegations of being fiend admirers, particularly the same number of spots are increased through family associations instead of evaluated capacity. The individuals who begrudge them their prosperity will be associated with throwing spells to anticipate them passing their examinations. The counteractant is not kidding love at places of worship that offer assurance from the forces of murkiness.

The primary Christian people group to consider the danger of witchcraft important and offer assurance against the energy of shrewdness spirits was the Pentecostal Church. Taking up the subject of blood gives up and receiving the trademark ‘Let the blood of Jesus wash your face,’ they guaranteed that the energy of God can uncover and refine witches. In the 1970s, it was just the Pentecostal and other zealous and magnetic houses of worship that offered this security and it was not until the 1990s that the loss of participation to these Africanised holy places convinced the Roman Catholic and Protestant holy places to start performing comparative deliverance administrations.

So the confounded repeater who looked for profound direction from his mentor in 1971, most likely wound up joining the group of the Pentecostals. On the off chance that he fizzled his examinations a moment time he would have been constrained to leave the college. He would, nonetheless, have been permitted to resit the examinations as an outer competitor, and on the off chance that he passed, he would have been readmitted. It must be recorded that not very many understudies prevailing with regards to picking up reentry along these lines. One can dare to dream that for the situation being referred to, the forces of murkiness were overcome, and the deferred graduate in the end took off to appreciate a prosperous profession in Europe or North America.