epangkat ,e pangkat

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ePangkat MOE is heretofore long established in the system. But copious commit not get, not caring or not require out virtually keweujudannya. KPM ePangkat route is off the rack to use the promotion of teachers. They are built to play it close to the vest any slips or mistakes in the powers that be and facilitation.

Actually, this was the sooner time epangkat be online on August 21, 2008 in which to discourage internal weaknesses such as the ranks of administration and service processing clog also shackle getting promotion. In installation, problems such as duplication of affairs in the recommendations and the promotion fashion is also experienced to request the perception of the MOE.
Previously, contrasting problems get up to the scope that there are teachers who are not promoted seeing of issues such as short information, the announcement supplied is not undeniable, the announcement provided are not updated and there are multiple more. Because about systematic status caused many losses. Therefore, an upshot and the point of this great position that we forthwith call the ePangkat.