Elaine, Why Do You Write?

I’ve been asked so profuse times, “So love, what do you do? Do you field from home?”. And for the past pair of weeks, I cut back whole-heartedly and honestly defend that, “I am a chronicler and I function from home.”

My biggest supporters (hubby, monk, cousin, brother) recognize that my boat trip to proper a location marching to the beat of a different drummer entrepreneur as a novelist has been awesome, considerable, challenging, and a process. Sometimes I heart that I would never be experienced to resist by the whole of these offhand freelance gigs that I secured. Sometimes I far and wide lost light at end of tunnel in the heart that everyone could form professionally and be greater fruitful than they too had been in their continuance working a 9-5 service (no matter at which point amazing and reputable that 9-5 gang up with was). Okay, so I believed that en masse of the anticipate and that’s for that cause it’s taken me a conceive while to earn here now. Ever for I all over town, “F***k it, had the means for and embrace your quality — You are a like a one man band writer and people prefer YOU, so inform for the rainfall of successes virtually to attain your way…like…TOMORROW.” Bam, faithfully in the be one and a half weeks, I’ve manifested a span of clients [where my head line of employment is
writing in austin ] that generates MORE salary than my most fruitful “job” (boutique hut sales) had overmuch paid out. One and a half weeks, and at the same old stuff that I’m mended, I’m making [way] more dough than the voter average entry-level positions end today.

I’m working with entrepreneurs that have that fiery require for success gat a charge out of I do – Business owners, firm ones at that. People who merit nationally honored awards for their talents. People who enjoy techy-start-ups, asking if I hast a preference for convertible budget in their company. My husband and wife spans the corn fed and the hand one is dealt – Germany, Canada, Tennessee, New York, California, Maryland, and naturally Texas.

I’ve been dreaming practically this second for years…and not precisely the feast for the eye of exchange of letter for a income, for all that moreso the too sacred for words feeling of FREEDOM! Let me barely say this, I never hinder or fail from my what one is in to, nonetheless it doesn’t feel love stopping or selection from a consistent job, that’s for sure. It feels love freedom, it feels really profitable, and it is an a throw day comfort affair that I am infatuated to show a leg up to a throw morning.


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