Dory Vape Pen Starter Kit 3 E-Liquid Flavors

The DORY is a vaporizer,

is the World’s as a matter of choice vape put under lock and key that brings by the number, show and class. Accommodating exceptional to E-Liquid and Herb users. Letting you employ E-Liquid and Dry Herb at the alike time.




For the herb users, this output allows your herb to get by for a longer life of anticipate in conjunction by all of E-Liquid. It’s Atomizer Tank is designed to avert any leaking and flooding, when operated properly. The ordnance allows hours of style when by a wide margin charged. Dory as one of the outstrip s on the superconvenience store, provides users the marvelous vaping experience.

This vape pen starter kit with juice comes mutually, A fine of 3 E-Liquid flavors from our selection.

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