Don’t fall prey of cheap advertising

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Description: Nowadays when buying a product and or service one has to be more cautious of things like reviews than just plain advertising.

Is it just me or is every company out there claiming to be the best? Who is truly fact checking only advertising out there? The truth is that nobody is! The FTC and other organizations were put in place to fact-check what companies are claiming, especially when it comes to advertising, but it is obvious that somebody is not doing their job.

I find it incredible that those Verizon and T-Mobile be the best cell phone, provider. The same holds true for AT&T and Comcast. According to Comcast, they are the best service in the world. If this was true why did they have to keep advertising and keep drilling it? More potent than that, why are there so many negative reviews online and how come Comcast was voided worst company in the US.

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The truth is that Americans are suckers for advertising if you have the financial resources to get into any mainstream magazine and or cable TV and claim that your product is the best people will believe it. That is what Apple did during the 90s. During one of Microsoft’s dark moments, after the release of Windows-Vista, Apple went on an advertising rampage telling everyone how the Apple product was better. The truth is that it is not, it is not immune to viruses, nor is it any faster, and or any better.

The same has been going on as of late with orthodontic services no matter where you look there is somebody who is offering the cheapest Invisalign and or some other variation of it. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying that says that “you get what you pay for” this is also true for orthodontic services.

When a friend of mine from work was looking for an orthodontist for the kids and told them to be very careful, there are a lot of claims the printed that cannot be substantiated. When I was looking for braces for my kids, I remember talking to several orthodontists in Miami Gardens. I eventually ended up choosing Dr. Carmen Crespi at Lakes Orthodontists not because she was the cheapest but simply because she had the best qualifications and the best reviews. Dr. Crespi is an award-winning, board-certified orthodontist with a perfect 100% five-star review record in every website directory you check. Starting from Yelp, Google Plus, and even Facebook.

Even though she was not the closest one to me, I felt that her expertise is what I wanted for my kids. However, that is not how people are choosing products and or services nowadays. It seems like some people are sales offer chasers and they are so focused on saving a couple of dollars that they more often than not by a substandard product. It’s okay to look for specials, especially if you’re on a budget, with that said you cannot lead a sales ad to blur your vision and impair your judgment. An offer is only good If the product and or service is good otherwise is nothing but a cheap offer the commission point.