Choosing a good host, not just a cheap website hosting!

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Description: If you’re looking for the best cheap website hosting look at performance and quality of service, not just price! Cheap hosting can cost you money…

Whether you are family or not with the process of getting web hosting it seems that in every instance there are choices and decisions to make. I guess the first question is will you choose. We have all seen the advertisements from GoDaddy, Web.Com, Host Gator, Blue Host and others. If you dig really deep into their offers pretty much, they are all about the same. They get you hooked on a real cheap deal usually around a dollar a month and then raise the prices 400 to 500%.

However, before you pull the trigger and choose one of these main providers, it is for to point out that they are a substantial number of smaller hosting companies offering not only equal or better deals but also better performance and customer service. The performance aspect of web hosting is extremely important in a recent study by PC Magazine they try to identify the best cheap website hosting companies in the market today.

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The study found that it was more difficult for small business website owners to rank due in part to not only the performance of the hosting provider but also what Google calls “bad neighborhoods.” In the eyes of Google, a bad neighborhood a hosting environment where there is a lot of spamming going on and or a lot of less than mainstream websites hosted. What type of websites you may ask, well things like online casinos and or gambling, porn, and multilevel marketing are more likely to be seen on friendly.

Although Google denies it, the evidence is clear, websites that are migrated away from such environment will automatically improve in ranking with no other modifications or search engine optimization. As far as the performance aspect of it Google has publicly stated that websites that take more than 5 to 6 seconds to go will get less than stellar ranking.

Along with this, there are several other criteria as they have recently come to light including having an SSL. Cool announced in late January of 2017 that websites with plain HTTP would be marked unsafe starting with the next Google Chrome update. If your small business owner, you may say no problem, but the requirements don’t stop there. In late 2016 Google and Twitter get together to develop what is called AMP (accelerated mobile pages). AMP is not a technology but rather a coding syntax where all of the visual enhancements of a website template get removed, and the website is served to mobile devices as a plain white page.  Although not yet mandatory what is already tracking websites that are using AMP and based on history it is likely this will also be added to the many requirements a website must comply to rank in Google.

It is understandable for people to seek the best deal possible but when acquiring web hosting services, one needs to look at things like performance and quality of service rather than just price. It makes no sense to pay a professional web designer $2000 to develop a professional website and then have it holds on a $1.99 a month service.