Chile’s president sends Congress plan to slash health care costs after protests

Santiago: Chilean President Sebastien Panera announced Sunday that it plans to restore the country's public health care system, a series of steps aimed at curbing the demands of street protesters two months ago. Is.

In a television speech, Panira said his proposed law would speed up treatment by setting maximum waiting times for surgeries, meeting 80% of the minimum healthcare costs and costing medicines. I will decrease by more than half.

As part of its plan, the country's public insurance company, FONSA, will help "defend the interests of its customers" by paying patients bills.

Chile's current health care system, with both public and private insurance options, is considered by the people of Chile to be extremely expensive, complex and, in some cases, ineffective. About 3 million ill are waiting for treatment. Specialist supplies are scarce across the country.

"When I look at a lot of problems, I can sense this anger of Chile," said Penira. He called on the country's Congress to quickly scrutinize the legislation.

In mid-October, a slight increase in the Metro fare began in Chile, but soon out of control. After two months of violent riots, looting and mass demonstrations, the government of Panera has been persuaded to vote on the new constitution, increase pensions and reduce minimum wages and reduce transportation costs. ۔

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