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Harga Hp Android Samsung Android Today was the first time we will provide information to you all for the gadget lovers in Indonesia. In this article aims to make {website | web site} it is as a reference for you before purchasing the gadget you want.


Our ability can also be counted on to be able to run a variety of applications and {game | recreation | sport}. But however, the smartphone only has a screen size of {4 | four} inch predicted kuran great when used to play {game | recreation | sport}. Another shortcoming is the resolution front camera that just resolution {0 | zero}. {3 | three} Megapixel or VGA, making this android smartphone hp less suitable for my friend who like to take pictures selfie hargahpsmart. To see more about the specifications spelled out and the price of Samsung Z2, please refer to this brief review we discuss below.price android phone | android phone price below 1 million | price android phone Availability | price android phone 1 million | price android phone samsung | price android phone 2017 | price android phone below 2 million | price android phone cheap samsung | price android phone asus | price android phone lenovo}

Then we will also summarize all the gadgets that have been circulating in Indonesia in the form of {review | Evaluate | evaluation | assessment | overview} gadget full and complete specifications on these gadgets. Do not miss too we also provide the latest gadgets price list for each month, and this time the price of HP Samsung Android was the one who could be the first to the information we provide to you.

Thankfully this android phone only has a screen size {4 | four} inches, consequently more efficient battery consumption. The screen still uses Capacitive Touch Screen TFT panel with a resolution of {400 | four hundred} x 800 pixels and the screen density of 233 ppi. Buddy hargahpsmart shall protect it with {screen | display | display screen} guard so that the screen can not easily scratched and broken when it fell. Furthermore, to be part {models | mannequin}, Samsung Z2 have {models | mannequin} minimalist with a body made of material {|} plastic materials.

Samsung Z2 comes with a Tizen operating system version 2. {4 | four} who claimed to have more features than the previous generation Tizen. In it has no S-Bike Mode feature that want to help users when driving. Then there are also features Ultra Power Saving mode, which in turn saves battery power consumption. This feature is important, the article Samsung Z2 battery capacity relatively minimal, which is about the size of 1 500 mAh. The battery has a claimed talk time of 5 hours, and the mass standbynya reach {180 | one hundred eighty | a hundred and eighty} Time.