Bridal Wear

admin   June 22, 2017   Comments Off on Bridal Wear

Bridal wear…Yes bridal wear…what is Hermione bridal wear? Is it just a red colored sari, tons of make-up and jewellery? No, it’s a lot more than that. How you dress on your special day is very important. Hundreds of photographers will be around you clicking pictures, and God, Let’s not think about the number of relatives who will be there to criticize your look on your very special day. So what do we do to look our best? Nothing really…Just be yourself and yeah let the happiness in your face show. The glow of your skin glimmer and the blush in your cheeks deepen.2

I think these are the things which make a bride look like a real bride and thus, BEAUTIFUL! Apart from these the materialistic things are of course there which a girl loves. Years ago an ordinary Bengali bride used to wear a simple red sari and well, that was it but days have changed now even with the increasing price of things people have this urge to look beautiful and there is nothing wrong in it. All we need to remember is that at the end of the day it’s who we are…so do you think even which heavy make-up, jewelery and saris a bride can look beautiful if she has a frown on her face?

Hell no! So it’s not just the clothes and stuff. It’s the happiness which we need to show on our face. Don’t feel afraid to let the world know how happy you are on your wedding day. Be free. Don’t worry. Wear anything you want. Just make sure that you can wear the same thing later too. After all you don’t want to invest on something so heavy and decorative and you won’t be able to wear it ever again. Wear light make-up and highlight your eyes. That’s it I guess and jewelery…well. I guess all of us don’t have a choice here aren’t we supposed to wear the ornaments chosen by our parents and ‘beloved’ relatives? I think so! Last but not the least just remember one thing. It’s your day! So just shine and don’t worry. All the best!