best vape pen for e-liquid 2016

The Dory is a portable vaporizer, the World’s first vape pen that brings style,



performance and class. That accommodates best to E-Liquid, Oil and Dry Herb, being a multi purpose vaporizer pen.  For the Dry Herb users, the Dory allows you to extend the usage of your dry herb. Lasting for a longer period of time in conjunction with E-Liquid. For the E-Liquid/Oil users, this product produces great taste and vapor. Using 100 percent Organic Cotton in our coils, giving a more healthy vaping solution. It’s Atomizer Tank is designed to prevent any leaking and flooding, when operated properly. The battery allows hours of usage when fully charged. Dory being one of the top vape pens on the market, provides users the best vaping experience. If your looking for a portable vaporizer that’s powerful and capable of vaping e-liquid, oil and dry herb.

Look no further, the Dory is the best vape pen for e-liquid 2016 , oil and herb.

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