Best USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro

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Whatarethebest USB-C Hubs formy MacBook Pro?

As wesay goodbye tothe SD cardreader, Thunderbolt, and so muchmorewiththe Late 2016 MacBook Pro, we also sayhello: tomany, many USB-C ports.

USB-C connectorsaregreattools in thattheycanconnect multiple typesofdevicestoyour MacBook, and whenyou’redone, youcansimplydetachtheport and go on yourmerryway. But ifyou’reusingyour MacBook Pro at home, youmaywanttoavoidtheconstantfunofdisconnecting and reconnecting a milliondevices; instead, connect just one USB-C devicetoyour Mac — a hub — thatthencontrolseverythingelse.

Thereareseveralgreat USB-C hub optionsdepending on yourlifestyle: Below, wehighlightourfavorites!

UsbQacQocGN30H Premium USB-C Hub with Power Delivery 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports 1 HDMI Port 1SDHC Port 1 Micro SDHC 1 USB-C Input Charging Port for MacBook 12-Inch AluminumAlloyBuild (Gray)


 Full USB-C Functionality

The USB-C hub isableto USB Power Delivery. This enablesfull-speed MacBook (2015) rechargingwhilesimultaneouslyconnectedtoSuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SD and microSDcard.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

This hub transfersdataover USB at incrediblespeeds, upto 5Gbps. That’s fast enoughtotransfer a high-definition movie in seconds.

Matches Your MacBook

A sleekminimalist design with an aluminum-alloy finish perfectlycomplementsthenew Apple MacBook and otherlaptops.

Worry-Free Warranty

Weoffer an 12-month warranty and providefriendly, easy-to-reach support.

Supported Systems:

Mac (OS X 10.2 and above)

Windows (10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP) Linux


The hub’stwo USB ports and twosdmemoryportshave a combinedoutputof 1.5A, deviceswhichneed a highercurrencymay not support, such as Apple SuperDrive (startupcurrencyis 2A at least). The workingtemperatureofchargingchipsetisabout 40

[Intelligent Power Delivery] USB-C Power DeliveryforMacbook, ChromeBook Pixel and otherusb-c devices, capableofsimultaneouslytransferringdata and chargingdevices.Powervoltageidentifiesintelligentlybetween 14.5V/20V.

[One-Hub-For-All]GN30E hascomeasthemostintegratedMultifunctional type c adater out there.Ittakeseverythingyouwantintoconsiderationincluding 3 USB3.0 ports,1 HDMI output,1 Gigabit Ethernet Port ,1 TF cardslot and 1 SD cardslot,actuallyone hub for all posibbleaccessories.

[High Definition&View Larger] 1 x HDMI@4K 30HZ Video Output Port mirrorsyourlaptop’sdisplay (supports 4K) on any HDMI-enableddevice. Share youridea and do yourpresatationthrough extra projectors ,browsepictures and stream moviesfromsmalllaptoptoyourTV.Everythinglooksbetter on big screen thankstothe HDMI high definition 4k output.

[Free Access&Fast Data Transfer]Accessfreelytoanyfilefromyourusbtrumb,phone,sdcard ,microsdcard;Connectkeyboard,mousetomakeoperatingmore easy thanever before;1000M ethernetportoffersincrediblestable and super fast hardnetworkconnectiontoyou.

[Stable Connection&No More Heating]Withthenewestlineaccessplug,youwon’thavetoworryaboutlosingconnectiontoyourcomputerevenbytheslightestmovement.Withtheline-tailedusbpluged-in,nowconnectionbetweenthis hub and yourcomputerismuchstablethanever;We also improvegreatly in heatradiatingsystem, youcanfreelyplug and playwithoutheatingworriment.