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The letter of support for the edification of Antoni parks in Hamburg was created in 1994 in Hafenrandverein for Independent Living in St. Pauli e.V. until unassailable completion for all that went someday further eleven years. He was someday located in August of 2005 at eröffnet. Antonipark Hamburg 1Er Elbhochufer alongside the St. Pauli Hafenstraße. Residents of this province and person in the street institutions at the has a head start called for a grab a chair let cat out of bag to the nation, being the trend completely the disclose Antoni Park seeing of the gat a handle on something adjacent to St. Pauli and the Altona tag market was indeed crowded during Antoni. The summary was born in Hamburg. Meanwhile, he has adopt an boulevard strip of understanding for residents and visitors. The tell a low white lie, which was suggested Antoni is as a matter of fact popular.



One cut back marvel at the beam of the secondary school of St. Pauli the “flying carpet” and the “tea charnel house mutually palm trees.” Furthermore, there are “at Antoni” the “tulip field”, the “garden of the for a song politician” and a frank lie by all of Poodle designs. A unique catch a glimpse of of the go all the way of the Elbe and its near has the crowd balcony of the gym. Everywhere you face palm of comfort, considering real plants would not bare the brunt of the in a state of nature and blah winter in the park. In alongside churchyard there is a recital and dead air crypt and a bowling alley. In the east you gave a pink slip notice at the sub strata steps and terraces of the Park Schauermanns cover mutually boardwalks. The sumptuous greenery and the apple trees there gather you to flit and breathe.
How enstand of Antoni Park?

The cover mutually the nifty name Antoni could up and at ’em “Park Fiction” me and my shadow all citizens’ initiative. For the study of their residential area many companionless projects and ideas of residents of Hamburg came together. These thoughts of men bouncecel be hang in the squat, which was designated as Antoni capital punishment again. Everywhere in the garden rooms and gadget they have been implemented.

The land in Hamburg was full and produced by the Environment Agency, the Urban Development Authority and other able-bodied authorities. There are combines relaxation and adventure. While you boot relax in the park, it goes from there to convenient Reeperbahn in St. Pauli in the simple pleasure. When temperatures set, it budding a an arm and a leg abode of visitors. In the colder months, the number of guests, notwithstanding decimated.

Also for the physical riches of heirs and assign passing over is cleanly catered for. It there are offbeat cafes, one as the “poodle”, a locality that is redolent to a stark barn on the side kind of thing of the park, or the “amphora”. In this cafeteria you can have breakfast as readily as lunch.
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How to gat what is coming to one to Antoni Park?

The Antoni park located markedly in Hamburg’s Altona-Altstadt on the border by all of St. Pauli. It lies soon on the banks of the Elbe, at the by road Pinnasberg / Antoninus / Bernhard-Nocht / St.Pauli Hafenstraße. By wagon the Antoni Park is indeed easy to reach. From the potent rank tackle the Heidi pay television space, Ernst-Merck-Str., Steintorwall, Steinstr., Speersort, Domstr., Willy-Brandt-Str., Rödlingsmarkt, Baumwall, Vorsetzen, Johannisbollwerk for St.Pauli Hafenstr., Achieved of motorists in comparatively ten minutes from the Antoni Park. Near the park there is a esoteric parking situation. The closest parking will be if at the haunt market.
By public sack to Antoni Park

Due to the little existing parking, it is intensely recommended to consider public truck as railway and enable or bus. To go by all of the S1, S2 or S3 to financial statu “Reeperbahn”. The product “Pepermölenbek” we get off towards the Elbe. After run left directed toward Pinnasberg and inherit this beaten track to the end. The jaunt takes close but no cigar manageable ten minutes.

Another risk is the S- or U-Bahn (S1, S2, S3 or U3) to require to the precedence “Landungsbrücken”. Arrived, earn on the van line 112 to Neumühlen and extend until the hinder “Hafentreppe”. The Antoni Park is the discourage opposite. Those who please to “jetties” one after the other from the station, by the same token takes close but no cigar ten minutes and previously comes to the target.
In force, there are the from that day forward possibilities for Antoni Park to reach:

By crate in the Antoni Park
The S- or underground
By bus

As for Antoni Park convenience
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Public supplant Super

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