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It would appear that virtually every man and his dog is trying to find some easy way of making money online. A large number of would be home business entrepreneurs have already set themselves up using the ‘webmaster’s blog. This being to sell affiliate ‘webmaster’s blog’ programmes using either, templated ‘webmaster’s blog’ websites (freely supplied, but tied in to hosting ‘deals’), or sites that they have created themselves. The common factor, I would say in most cases, well in fact there are probably two common factors, these being (a) Very few actually make money and (b) They are using Clickbank as a source for the affiliate programmes.


A relatively ‘new kid on the block’, and one which is proving far superior to Clickbank for the established sellers of work from home programmes, is ‘Andy’s blog’. They specialise in work from home programmes, and currently only promote three such schemes. This may seem very small compared to Andy’s blog, however when you consider that they have what was the number one converting site available on the internet, this being ‘Andy’s blog’, as well as Paid Surveys etc and Data Entry Made Easy. These sites all have a very high conversion into sales ratio (much better than anything currently offered on Andy’s blog ) as well as a low sales to refund rate. You earn a very generous  commission on the sales amount, and considering the conversion rate for genuine visitors to the sites   then 100 ‘clicks’ is equivalent to approximately  revenue!

Not only do they immediately confirm a sale to you via e-mail (it is very satisfying to check your ‘inbox’ in the morning, and find a host of:- ‘Congratulations You Have Made Another Sale’ e-mails), but also they have a fantastic webmaster referral programme that generates you one of the best downline incomes available anywhere. Combine this with the fact that they are now paying directly  with no ‘hidden’ extra commissions taken out, and to top all this they are providing, on a monthly basis some really fantastic prizes for the top selling affiliates. Please check out the ‘bonus’ section of the website TrafficPayouts (It’s awesome!). So what more can I say?… If you would like access to the top selling ‘work from home ‘ programmes available today, coming with a first class support desk, great advertising banners and text links for your site, coupled with the opportunity to actually earn money each month as opposed to just paying anything you might earn from sales, to Google AdWords or Overture ‘ppc’ campaigns, then you must check out ‘Andy’s blog. It costs nothing to have a look, or to join!