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Launched by actor, author and director, Watts In Your Box challenge, Twinkle Khanna, is the latest Bollywood craze to take on social media. Many Bollywood celebrities, including Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Shekhar Dhawan and Malaika Arora posted pictures of their healthy dabs to show what is needed to maintain a fit body. After being nominated by Akshay Kumar, the latest part of his suppression is Katrina Kaif.

The Bharat actor took to his Instagram to reveal the secrets behind his enviable body, posted a picture of himself enjoying a morning breakfast, and wrote, "My mom has always told me that healthy eating There has to be a way of life and not a diet … this is my mid-morning breakfast (or as the owner of a circle has it for breakfast). I try to eat easily and not get too complicated and Dr. Jewel Gamadiya has taught you not to be afraid to eat rice … so what is better than that? The roast is prepared from coughing. I add more yogurt after adding more yogurt to it (this causes the devil to burst).

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She writes, "I like to spread it to my peers. I usually make three sauces with moringa spinach sauce, tomato and beetroot sauce and coconut coconut sauce. Other flavors I have may be sambar or rasam. ۔

Katrina and Akshay are teaming up with Rohit Shetty at Suryawashi, which is set to release March 27.

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The challenge was started by Twinkle Khanna, an actor, writer and director who posted a picture of herself joining a deliciously healthy treat on Instagram, writing, "I've been occasionally & # 39; wada pav." Erd & # 39; s a girl, but I also carry some in my box with healthy treats like these tasty cinnamon pills! "

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She nominated her husband, actors Akshay Kumar, Malaika Arora and Sonali Bundri so that they could rise to the pressure. He also wrote a prescription for his healthy beetroot pieces, he shared, "Wash and refrigerate the beetroot, then keep it in a pan until the water is dry. Some sliced ​​cheese, chat masala, salt. Add cumin and coriander powder and bread crumbs. Add a little oil to the beans and mix gently. Then make a squeeze of it. Let it rest for 15 minutes, frying the shallots in the least oiled pan. "

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Thanks to his wife's nomination, Akshay posted a photo of himself enjoying a box, wearing a matching T-shirt like his wife, on which he wrote on his Instagram post, "Clean eating There is not one way of life for me – here is a glimpse that made me practically ready for spring this morning – sharing that you can also make my favorite avocado on toast and my chia pudding. It's healthy, tasty, and keeps you up for hours, not to mention too much protein. "

He then shared the recipe of avocado toast, "Prepare a baked avocado. Add a little olive oil, I'd like to add rapeseed oil to it. If you like things delicious, add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, and a dash of licorice. Spread mashed avocado on two slices of broken barley bread or any multi-green bread. Garnish with pomegranate.

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The Good News actor also shared his recipe about chia pudding, "Soak 3 teaspoons of walnut milk overnight. Add some honey or cinnamon to it. Seasonal fruit of your choice, preferably beer.

Malaika also posted a video of her enjoying the meal and shared her healthy recipe for zucchini noodles, "zucchini noodles with red bell pepper sauce – zucchini, a long stretch of thin strips of skin. In a frying pan, add 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, oregano, chopped red bell pepper and cook until soft. Add the zucchini, salt to taste and fry for a minute. Give and present ”

Well, it seems we are all involved in healthy celebrity behavior.

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