5 Methods to Ease Your Child’s Eczema

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Arid and extreme temperature can aggravate the here in your child. So here we share 5 tips which will be useful in soothing the irritation.

When the climate turns harsh then the skin becomes more sensitive. The irritation and soreness too worsens in case of people suffering from eczema.

Susan Nedorost, a practicing MD and dermatologist from University Hospitals’ Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland states that in case your child is suffering from eczema then it may also trigger other issues as these children are more prone to infections and allergies.

The below mentioned tips are sure to help in alleviating the discomfort and soreness which the child faces due to eczema.

natural-baby-eczema-creamPut an end to the quick drying effect: The skin prevents the bacteria and other foreign bodies to reach our body. However, the skin barrier reduces in children suffering from eczema and hence often their skin is more prone to getting chapped as the moisture gets dry rapidly. To ease the discomfort you should always use a moisturizer after a bath to avoid dryness.
Use moisturizer in moderation: Although moisturizing the skin can ease eczema, excessive moisture can lead to other issues as well. Chapping happens when there is a dip in the level of humidity and in order to prevent this you need to use a moisturizer. According to The National Eczema Association, it is better to use an ointment or cream instead of a lotion for kids as this could dry the skin even more.
Wear soft clothes: Friction leads to discomfort in children suffering from eczema and if the clothes are made out of rough fabric such as wool then it will cause irritation on the skin. It is better to buy smooth fabric such as cotton which will absorb the moisture and prevents the sweat from wetting the skin.
Find out about the kid’s irritant: Some irritants may worsen the eczema and hence you should be careful. You should find out what triggers the irritation. In case if you find out that using a particular shampoo, soap or cream makes the irritation worst, then you should avoid them. Nedorost recommends maintaining a journal to identify a pattern. In case the skin gets inflamed due to chapping, then the skin is more prone to allergy if anything comes in contact with the infected skin.
Go for allergy testing: In case there is no sign of improvement in your kid’s eczema despite of using various moisturizers and steroids then you should get a patch test to find out what leads to eczema.